Fugal Systems, Experimental Sound Studio

I’m excited to be working with Experimental Sound Studio on an expanded project stemming from my Fugal Systems series. We’re developing a large scale, collaborative program to occur later in 2019 into 2020, with an event next week serving as a kind of prototype for the larger iteration.

Special Event and Performance:
Thursday, January 31, 2019, from 6 - 9 pm

Fugal Systems is an ongoing project by Jordan Martins encompassing a variety of performance based works, including music and sound performances employing various collage tactics, as well as reading-performances that scramble, graft, or otherwise interpolate appropriated texts. The underlying principle of all the pieces is to investigate signal-noise relationships through layers of simultaneous sounds.

On January 31 ESS presents a prototype of a larger format Fugal Systems music series scheduled to debut at Experimental Station in fall 2019. Participating in this preview iteration are Billie Howard, Ayanna Woods, Angel Bat Dawid, and Adam Vida. Join us for this unique, immersive live sound collage that will take over the entire ESS building.