Plant Strategies/Animal Tactics at Goldfinch

Thanks so much to Ryan Edmund and Goldfinch for this lovely documentation of my solo show, Plant Strategies, and the companion group show that I curated, Animal Tactics, with Kelly Kristin Jones, Devin Balara, David Heo, and João Oliveira! Both are on view at Goldfinch until October 17th!

Fugal Systems, Experimental Sound Studio

I’m excited to be working with Experimental Sound Studio on an expanded project stemming from my Fugal Systems series. We’re developing a large scale, collaborative program to occur later in 2019 into 2020, with an event next week serving as a kind of prototype for the larger iteration.

Special Event and Performance:
Thursday, January 31, 2019, from 6 - 9 pm

Fugal Systems is an ongoing project by Jordan Martins encompassing a variety of performance based works, including music and sound performances employing various collage tactics, as well as reading-performances that scramble, graft, or otherwise interpolate appropriated texts. The underlying principle of all the pieces is to investigate signal-noise relationships through layers of simultaneous sounds.

On January 31 ESS presents a prototype of a larger format Fugal Systems music series scheduled to debut at Experimental Station in fall 2019. Participating in this preview iteration are Billie Howard, Ayanna Woods, Angel Bat Dawid, and Adam Vida. Join us for this unique, immersive live sound collage that will take over the entire ESS building.

Mixtapes for the Next Millennium

CAC is pleased to announce that Jordan Martins will curate this year’s edition of The ANNUAL. His exhibition, Mixtapes for the Next Millennium, brings together a wide variety of studio practices and backgrounds into proximity with one another to encourage surprising synchronicities or points of overlap between them. The exhibition operates with two notions of the term “mixtape” in mind: 1) an informal compilation of songs that reflect different backgrounds and trans-genre jumps, and 2) the hip-hop use of the term to refer to more raw conjunctions of artists that allow for playful, experimental collaborations or tangents sprouting out of an artist’s more formal output. The freedom and spontaneity of the “mixtape” is embraced here in what kind of work is shown and how it is displayed, eschewing polite spacing between works on white walls for playful molecular combinations that explore how the works of different artists can more directly speak to one another.

Marzena Abrahamik
Claire Ashley
ASMA (Matias Armendaris and Hanya Belia)
Dan Devening
Marianne Fairbanks
Deborah Handler
Cameron Harvey
Daniel Hojnacki
Cathy Hsiao
Cody Hudson
Gina Hunt
Jessica Labatte
Rodrigo Lara
Damon Locks
Marissa Chris Zain Neuman
John Opera
Kaveri Raina
Kellie Romany
Soo Shin
Sonnenzimmer (Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher)
Brittney Leeanne Williams

Curator Bio: Jordan Martins is a Chicago based visual artist, curator, educator, and musician. He received his MFA in visual arts from the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil in 2007, and is a lecturer at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and North Park University. He is the executive director of Comfort Station, a multi-disciplinary art space. Martins’s visual work is based in collage processes, including mixed media two dimensional work, photography, video and installation, and he has exhibited nationally and internationally. He is co-director of the Perto da Lá, a biennial multidisplinary art event with international artists in Salvador, Brazil.

Public Events
Opening Reception, Friday, September 21, 5-8pm
The ANNUAL Breakfast, Friday, September 28, 9-11am RSVP
All events take place at CAC, 2130 W. Fulton St.

All work in the exhibition will be available for sale

Thanks to our Sponsors

Past Exhibitions
2017 The Shortest Distance Between Two Points, Curated by Caroline Picard
2016 Showroom, Curated by Edra Soto
2015 An Exhibition of New Chicago Art, Curated by Claudine Isé and Alexandria Eregbu

WARP Residency at The Weaving Mill

I had the opportunity to make work in the WARP Residency he month of September at the wonderful Weaving Mill. It's a real hidden gem in Chicago. Through a series of random events decades ago, Envision Arts Studio ended up with a trove of amazing industrial loom equipment in the back of there space. Emily Winter and Matti Sloan started The Weaving Mill a few years ago to take advantage of this infrastructure working on projects of their own, engage Envision's clients, and operate a residency giving artists access to space and materials (no weaving required).

I spent the month working on collaborative masks with Envision's clients, ending up with these portraits. These images in turn will be incorporated into my ongoing Phenotypes project, which uses a scanner collage process to produce images which are printed out in single edition archival pigment prints.

prompts for musical performance on 8/6/17

Ben Lamar Gay, Katie Young, and Ryan Packard were given the following prompts for their improvised performance within my "Stay out come in stay in come out" installation on 8/6/17.

sound collage

Something surprising and kind of magical happened this past Sunday during a musical performance in conjunction with my installation on the lawn of Comfort Station. I had invited Katherine YoungRyan Packard and Ben LaMar to improvise with the surrounding sounds based on some loose prompts provided by myself. When we set up the surrounding sounds included a large event across the street featuring rap battles, break-dancing competitions, and much more (for Chicagoans not familiar with the annual #writersbench event put on by Barry Allen and others... it's pretty incredible). The volume of the event seemed at first to be too loud for us to carry out this performance of discrete sounds, but the musicians graciously decided to give it a shot.
It was truly a unique sonic experience hearing the ambient bed of sound they created wrap around the beats and voices bleeding over from across the street. Part of my intention for this performance was to explore a notion of live sound collage, and the Writer's Bench event provided a whole lot of fodder for the musicians to juxtapose and play with. At times the two sonic zones operated separately, at other times they melded into one large, strange audio-organism that provided a very surreal soundtrack to everything happening--cars and people zipping by, wind blowing in the cicada-filled trees, the sun setting, dogs pooping...
Thank you to all who made it out for this event, and special thanks to Ben, Katie, and Ryan for their skills at sonic transmutation!

Differences in Permeability

Thanks to everyone who made it out to "Differences in Permeability" on Friday night, and extra special thanks to Allen Moore, Tracy Montes, and Rebecca Himelstein for reading these texts so thoughtfully!