Mixtapes for the Next Millennium (The ANNUAL)



The ANNUAL is a yearly sales exhibition celebrating cutting-edge Chicago-based artists. Arranged by a guest curator, The ANNUAL creates an accessible forum for collectors to discover affordable new work and engage directly with its creators. 

CAC is pleased to announce that Jordan Martins will curate this year's edition of The ANNUAL. His exhibition, Mixtapes for the Next Millennium, brings together a wide variety of studio practices and backgrounds into proximity with one another to encourage surprising synchronicities or points of overlap between them. The exhibition operates with two notions of the term “mixtape” in mind: 1) an informal compilation of songs that reflect different backgrounds and trans-genre jumps, and 2) the hip-hop use of the term to refer to more raw conjunctions of artists that allow for playful, experimental collaborations or tangents sprouting out of an artist’s more formal output. The freedom and spontaneity of the “mixtape” is embraced here in what kind of work is shown and how it is displayed, eschewing polite spacing between works on white walls for playful molecular combinations that explore how the works of different artists can more directly speak to one another.

Marzena Abrahamik 
Kellie Romany 
Cameron Harvey 
ASMA (Matias Armendaris and Hanya Belia)
Jessica Labatte 
Sonnenzimmer [Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher] 
Marianne Fairbanks 
Soo Shin 
Brittney Leeanne Williams 
John Opera 
Claire Ashley
Deborah Handler 
Dan Devening
Kaveri Raina
Cathy Hsiao
Daniel Hojnaki
Marissa Neumann
Damon Locks
Gina Hunt
Cody Hudson
Rodrigo Lara