“Tired Eyes” is a live performance music-collage, which occurred at the opening reception of my exhibition of the same name at Experimental Sound Studio in September 2015. Three musicians were stationed in different parts of the building (with an additional “community” electric keyboard for members of the public to participate), each listening independently to playlists I put together, with some overlap between them. The instructions were to simply play along with the recordings in an attempt to learn the songs. A live feed of the mix of all instruments was playing in the gallery for the duration of the night (excerpt below)

Nick Broste: piano

Steve Marquette: guitar

Jeff Kimmel: bass clarinet

Community Wurlitzer on back patio



FLOCK (2015)

Composed for the third iteration of “Easy Not Easy” (organized by Matt Mehlan, at Constellation). “Flock” is a simple set of parameters with each member of the ensemble choosing at random a pair of notes and tempo to pulse. Once the piece has begun, a predetermined “shepherd” can match another player’s notes/tempo, at which point they must follow any changes the shepherd makes.


Tomeka Reid
James Falzone
DJ Earl (Teklife)
Jamal Moss (Hieroglyphic Being)
Adam Vida (U.S. Maple, Singer)
Fred Lonberg-Holm
Katherine Young
Jordan Martins
Ryan Ingebritsen
Daniel Wyche
Matt Mehlan (Skeletons)
Levy Lorenzo (ICE)
Alex Inglizian (El is a Sound of Joy)
Natalie Chami (Good Willsmith)
Ryan Packard (Fonema Consort)




prepared pedal steel guitar